Exhibition In Derwent Care Home, Low Westwood, 19 – 25 November 2018

Exhibition In Derwent Care Home, Low Westwood, 19 – 25 November 2018

The Club has responded to an invitation by the Care Home to put on an exhibition of members’ work and nineteen members will be taking part. The show is open to residents, their visitors and members of the public, and visitors are being asked to choose their favourite print.

The Home is on the A694, the main road though Low Westwood. It is a large building on the right if you are heading towards Shotley Bridge and almost opposite a blue painted cabin that sells snacks. There is a car park behind accessed via an entry almost opposite the blue cabin, between the home and a hairdressers. Steps lead from the car park to the home or you can go round to the front.

The post code is NE17 7PL and more information on the web via ‘dewent care home low westwood’

Chance Encounter

Thorp Perrow outing

Thorp Perrow outing

A goup of members visited Thorp Perrow on the 8th November. Here is an impression.

David Stout

Kathleen Dodds

Carol Stout

Alan Fowler

Kevin Morgan

Portfolio update Brian

Portfolio update Brian

Our members Brian Curry has updated his portfolio. They can be viewed from the home page on the portfolio strip or by direct link here:

Brian Curry

Portfolio update Roy

Portfolio update Roy

Our members Roy Elwood FRPS MPAGB APAGB EFIAP has updated his portfolio. They can be viewed from the home page on the portfolio strip or by direct link here:

Roy Elwood

Portfolio updates

Portfolio updates

Our members Peter Dixon ARPS APAGB DPAGB and Gerben van Dijk LRPS have updated their portfolio’s. They can be viewed from the home page on the portfolio strip or by direct link here:

Peter Dixon

Silky waters by Gerben

All members invited to send in their work. Email to Gerben.

Photo competition playing websites

There are numerous photo sharing websites out there. Some have the more serious photographer in mind. Here are my favourite picks at the moment.

Gurushots is a very nice website with associated apps for android and iphone (although I could not find one for iPad). Emphasis is on competitions and rankings. It’s fun to play and although they encourage you to buy things it’s not necessary and easy to avoid. Check it out here. Link opens in a new tab and I have to disclose that I get a few trinkets that help me play the competitions.

Viewbug is along a similar vein. They also run competitions, called challenges. You can earn badges with a bit more variety than Gurushots. It looks like you can create a challenge yourself straight away, unlike Gurushots. Viewbug is available on the Apple app store but not on Google Play store.

Playing competitions gets you thinking about your own images and your fellow competitors. Somewhat addictive but thoroughly enjoyable.


Social night

On 21st April we had a our social night at Whickham Golf Course. Here is an impression.

Tom Cook – Honorary Vice President

Tom Cook – Honorary Vice President

It was with great pleasure that our President Carol Stout officially confirmed the title of Honorary Vice President to our long serving member Tom Cook, the honour suggestion had been put forward by members and happily ratified by committee with Roy Elwood speaking of Toms contributions to WPC from the very first year as an always positive member supporting the club and being regularly involved in initiatives.

Congratulations Tom and welcome to the very short list of Honorary Vice Presidents joining Brian Wright and Trevor Ermel.

We very much look forward to your continued company, insights and humour at WPC – as well as your remarkable images.


Photo: Carol and Tom by AW on HTC1 Mobile phone

Background: Prints from Sue Hingley’s talk “Discovering Vietnam”

Roy on Facebook

Roy on Facebook

Co-incidentally:  There has been a flurry of WPC Facebook activity regards our Honorary President Roy Elwood where a photograph from last years Annual Exhibition preview evening has had multiple hits and very positive comments.

Good to see you Roy!

Image by Trevor Ermel with Roy in front of his 2017 Exhibition Prints, consisting mainly of colleagues from Russian Convoy Reunion

New Member

New Member

New Member WPC are delighted to welcome our latest New Member Alexander Permain. Alex is a first year student at Newcastle University and a keen Nature Photographer.

NB: On hearing of a University Student joining our ranks some members advised concern over potential unruly conduct and untoward behaviour  but don’t worry, after a  word from Carol the committee have promised to behave!

Image by Alex Permain: Puffin Landing


2017 Annual Exhibition

2017 Annual Exhibition


With 181 printed images on display and a continuous loop of projected digital images rotating on screen there was plenty for the 147 members of the public and 22 attending club members to see.

After the group tidy-up, all agreed regards success of this, our 14th Annual Whickham Photographic Club’s Exhibition. Well done and thank you to all involved especially Les Lewis who managed arrangements and setting-up on the day.

Visitor judging

Issued with a pen and slip of paper marked 1,2,3, visitors were requested to indicate their favourite prints. This bit of fun had visitors taking a serious look at the images, many stating how hard it was to judge with such good and varied work on display.

Quality really does rise to the top and with 95 voting slips returned: David Stout’s already very successful “Berber Tribesman” had most votes with Alan Fowler’s “Follow your Dreams and “Visitor” taking both second and third place.

(Another benefit of the slips was that 7 people left details advising potential interest in our club).

End of Season

Though the annual exhibition traditionally ends our club season please watch this space, our website http://www.whickhamphotographic.club and newsletters for announcements of future meetings, outings and learning opportunities.
Meanwhile the diary is set for next year, starting with Members night and Mini show promulgated for Friday 01st September 2017 at 19:30. So, now enthused with today’s display over to us to get out and about, cameras in hand taking new and exciting images for competition and show during the 2017/18 season. Happy photographing!

Lucinda Grange

Lucinda Grange

Whickham Photographic Club Presents New York based photographer and urban explorer Lucinda Grange
Friday 17th February 7.30pm
Whickham Community Centre, Front Street, Whickham, NE16 4JL
Entry is free
Please support our raffle on the night

Lucinda has exhibited regionally in North East England, London and New York

See also this pdf about Lucinda Grange visit.

Berber Tribesman by David Stout

Berber Tribesman by David Stout

Our member David Stout has just won the mono pdi section in the NCPF International 2016.

The image gained Northumbria Trophy in Mono section of NCPF International Exhibition 2016, David Stout, EFIAP, PPSA, DPAGB, Whickham Photographic Club.

Berber Tribesman by David Stout

Berber Tribesman by David Stout


Some photo’s of a recent visit to Beamish by our member Gerben van Dijk.

Smoking a Pipe The Fireman The Georgian Bard The Stoker Three Dressed Up

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