Zoom Test Meeting

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Recordings | 1 comment

We had a little test meeting with a popular meeting software called Zoom.

This is the transcript of the chat box:

20:16:55 From  Alan Wilson : just going through the available buttons20:16:55 From  Alan Wilson : just going through the available buttons
20:18:30 From  Gerben gerben@whickhamphotographic.club : hi
20:18:34 From  Alan Wilson   to   Gerben gerben@whickhamphotographic.club(Privately) : Again just to you
20:18:46 From  Kathleen's iPhone   to   Gerben gerben@whickhamphotographic.club(Privately) : hi kath
20:19:00 From  Gerben gerben@whickhamphotographic.club : hi everyone
20:19:25 From  Kathleen's iPhone : hi everyone kd
20:21:38 From  Peter Dixon : speaker working, no mike
20:22:02 From  Peter Dixon : Alan sounds croaky
20:22:36 From  Peter Dixon : is everyone well
20:23:26 From  Peter Dixon : I can see you David
20:24:14 From  Peter Dixon : yes
20:24:33 From  Peter Dixon : are you reading my messsage
20:25:11 From  Peter Dixon : same place same time?

I thought it was fun to do. Below is the video and the separate audio recording of the latter part of the meeting. Thanks everyone.

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