WPC Emergency Isolation Photography competition

Dear members

Using extraordinary emergency Presidential powers, WPC will be holding additional photographic competitions during the emergency coronavirus lockdown period.  I invite ALL members to enter – especially if you have never submitted to a competition before (see below).

These competitions (there may be several depending on the length of the emergency period) are:

  • In addition to the regular WPC competitions
  • Designed to help with potential lockdown boredom
  • Encourage photography.
  • Create discussion at WPC Virtual meetings, if appropriate.

There will be two categories for each round:

  1. General member and
  2. Member who has never submitted an entry to a WPC competition

An additional prize will be awarded to the most amusing photograph (in either category)

Unfortunately the competition is for digital jpeg electronically submitted images only. Prints can not be submitted. I don’t want your germs!


Competition rules      Title  “Spring isolation”

  1. Competition open to all paid-up members of WPC
  2. Photographs must be taken with the camera within your place of isolation (home/garden).
  3. Photographs must be taken during the emergency period 2020
  4. Closing date for first round: 15 April 2020
  5. Photographs to be submitted to l.richardson@btinternet.com using usual competition format (jpeg, resolution, membership number etc, see WPC web for details)
  6. The judge’s decision is final. The President will chose the judge.
  7. Photographs may be discussed at WPC “virtual” meetings during the emergency period or at actual meetings next season.
  8. 3 prizes for each round may be awarded:
    1. General member submission
    2. Submission from a member who has not submitted photographs to a WPC competition previously
    3. Most amusing photograph.
  9. Each member may submit a maximum of 2 photographs for each round. The number of rounds we will hold depends on the length of the emergency.
  10. Members who submit photographs not taken from within their home/garden will be shot (N Korean photographic club rule number 23a)
  11. The winners will share in £1 million prize money (unfortunately this rule has been withdrawn as I had to buy some toilet rolls)
  12. All rules apply except for 10 and 11.

Get your cameras out and take some photographs!

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