Print Competition:

  1. Fred Wright with Winter Fuel;
  2. Alan Wilson Peregrine on Pigeon;
  3. Alan Wilson with Lion in Tree

Print Highly commended:

  • Paul Burdon Americana Summer Tyne Festival ‘Hokum Hotshots;
  • Les Hill Sunlight Limestone;
  • Gerben Van Dijk Morning Fog;
  • Brian Curry Steetley Pier;
  • Tracey Ainsley The Hustler
  • Les Hill Open Access
  • Tracey Ainsley Bedraggled

PDI competition round one results:

  1. Paul Hattam Frosty Leaf
  2. Alan Fowler Female Sparrowhawk With Kill
  3. Alan Fowler Open Road

PDI Highly commended:

  • Carol Stout Arab of Aswan
  • Fred Wright Candle in the Window
  • Paul Hattam Steam Boiler
  • Fred Wright The Scream

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